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About Us


The Lights of Home is the favorite group of many churches and summer camps throughout the Eastern Shores of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia 

Every one of their Praise and Testimony concerts are dedicated to the glory of God and will bless the entire audience.  Their beautiful harmonies are what originally draw you to them, as you will think you are in the presence of a heavenly choir.  In addition to their God-given voices, are their truly inspirational stories, their humbleness and their love of the Lord that keeps you coming back again and again to see this wonderful group. 

The current members are:  Nathan Young, Tom Deas, Trish Pinheiro and Don Fisher. 

However, The Lights of Home were founded by Mary Ann & Tex Young over 35 years ago.  Although MaryAnn is singing in God’s heavenly choir, she made us promise to keep The Lights of Home going and winning souls for Christ.

Nathan’s pure tenor voice is just magnificent.  He exudes God’s love in song and in witness to the Lord.  Nathan has been with the Lights of Home for 20+ years, giving hope and comfort to all when singing songs like “Believe”, “Go Rest High” and “It Is Well”.  He also wrote many of the songs on the group’s Bloodwashed CD including such passionate songs as “Sacrificial Lamb”.

Tom’s baritone vocals have a tenderness that will captivate and touch your soul.  When Tom sings “Jesus Loves Me”, “He Saw It All” and Hold Me While I Cry”, you are touched by the words and his smooth, gentle voice, and you know that God is there for you.

Trish’s angelic voice comes from the heart.  Although she has been through so much including the loss of her brother, her love of the Lord shines through in testimony and song.  Trish first went to a Lights of Home concert over 18 years ago and has been singing with the group for over 10 years.  Her lead vocals are featured on “In the Garden”, “Bloodwashed” and “Right on Time” to name a few.

Don’s unforgettable bass voice distinguishes southern gospel music from any other musical genre, be it Christian or secular.  His lead vocals are featured on songs like “Going Home” and “Calvary’s the Reason Why”, and his bass vocals just complete the quartet.

MSA Recording Artists, The Lights of Home have 8 CD’s:

 Those Nails
 Going Home
 Under The Blood
 Singing Her Heart Out – Mary Ann Young
 Bloodwashed – featuring all original songs
 Just Another Hill
 Press On
 Redemption Draweth Nigh

Further information and more pictures can be found on our website: or by contacting Tonja Sas at 410-250-1046 (evenings & weekends) or e-mail us at: